Repair Services

We Offer repair services if you like to get a quote for faulty/broken electronic device bring it in the shop

Web Design

If you would like a website done for you, contact us on and we will go through the steps

Network Support

We provide network support in the local area around andover and the surroundings if you are a local business please contact us.. .

A warm welcome to LABComputing LTD

Hello from the people at LABComputing LTD we offer services such as repairing your electronics like, your mobile phones, game consoles, desktops, laptops, even your tablets.


The prices of the repairs varies from £1 to £160 depending what kind of fault your electronic has.


We also provide a services for Network Support for local Businesses in and around offer, what we will do is that we will look at your setup, how many desktops, laptops, even your tablets you have, we will go away and get back to you with a quote as soon as we can, they can be from £20* a month.


* £20 a month does not include the equipment we have brought for your local bussines we will charge that ontop of your monthly invoice including VAT.